Spring Semester 2021

Due to the university's measures against COVID-19, the ISLE talks for this semester (FS 21) are currently held via Zoom. The link and password will be sent to all participants via e-mail .

Information for UZH staff and students regarding the coronavirus outbreak

The ISLE colloquium is a joint event organized with the NCCR Evolving Language and the Brain & Cognition colloquium in Geneva.

The colloquium take place on Tuesdays from 12:15 to 13:45.

Contact us if you would like to participate in the zoom meeting or discuss any ISLE related topic or ongoing study.



Date Room Topic Presenter



"Evolving Language: A View from the Wings" (abstract)

Irene Pepperberg (Department of Psychology, Harvard University)




No meeting



"Evolution of cooperation, cognition and communication: insights from chimpanzees" (abstract)

Roman Wittig (Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft)

16.03.2021 Zoom "Communication is key: unlocking the secrets of cetacean social cognition" (abstract) Stephanie L King (School of biological science, University of Bristol)
23.03.2021 B&C Zoom "Language and speech adapt to their environment, but what does that actually mean?" (abstract)

Dan Dediu (Université Lumière Lyon 2 )

30.03.2021 Zoom The ontogeny of multilingual communication (abstract)

Moritz Daum (Department of Psychology, UZH)

06.04.2021 Zoom   No meeting (Easter holidays)
13.04.2021 Zoom Processing dependency marking and semantic roles in sentence production and comprehension (abstract)

Sebastian Sauppe (Department of Comparative Language Science, UZH)


Zoom "From shared emotions to shared intentionality: comparative research on the psychological mechanisms underlying social behavior" (abstract)

Jessie E.C. Adriaense ( Department of Anthropology, UZH)

27.04.2021 B&C Zoom

"Aphasia and non-invasive brain stimulation: what is known, what remains to be explored”

Bertrand Glize (Department of Psycholinguistics, UNIGE)


No meeting

11.05.2021 Zoom

"Seal pups have something to say about speech and rhythm" (abstract)

Andrea Ravignani (Comparative Bioacoustics, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)

18.05.2021 Zoom "The periphery at the core of language evolution" (abstract)

Cedric Boeckx (Section of General Linguistics, ICREA)

25.05.2021 B&C Zoom "Evolving Language: A View from the Wings" (abstract) Irene Pepperberg (Department of Psychology, Harvard University)
01.06.2021 Zoom

"Human nonverbal vocal communication: from form to function" (abstract)

Kasia Pisanski (CNRS researcher, France)
08.06.2021     No meeting (Semester break)
15.06.2021     No meeting (Semester break)
22.06.2021 B&C Zoom "Vocal learning and cultural transmission in cetaceans: lessons from humpback whale song" (abstract) Ellen C. Garland (School of Biology, University of St Andrews)